A team of experts and professionals is always attentive to share our experience in assembly, installation and operation & maintenance of renewable energy plants. We have successfully completed numerous projects for photovoltaic and wind power plants in Chile.

We offer the following services among others:

  • Electrical assembly (low and medium voltage)
  • Logistics management and supply of materials
  • Measurement and testing of electrical systems and cables (VLF, relays, power quality, grounding, among others)
  • Optical fiber
  • Mechanical assembly of structures
  • Start up
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Projects management

As a reference, the following projects can be mentioned:

  • Electrical assembly - La Huayca II PV Plant (30MW)
  • O & M La Huayca II
  • Panel Assembly - El Romero PV Plant (200MW)
  • Assembly - PV Tiltil Plant (3MW)
  • O & M - PV Tiltil Plant
  • Medium Voltage Installation and commissioning  - Aurora, Sarco and El Arrebol Wind Power plants (96 WTGs)